Stories of the Journey

I liked it all.  The tour guides were great, the actors were great, and you had an amazing Jesus.  Loved it!  Keep up the awesome work.

The soldier outfits, the crowd intermingling with the actors, and the extra buildings - awesome!

All of it--It was as close as we can get to really experiencing it!  It was AMAZING!

Very realistic and authentic!

Everyone did well.  It was truly a blessing for me and my daughter!

The entire simple story. Not complicated, just the truth.

I really loved the entire act.  It was very beautiful and moving.  Thank you so much for doing this.

The whole thing--it really was believable.  I think you did a GREAT JOB!

It was an awesome reenactment--made me cry.  It was great!

The live setting.  Felt like we were a part of it.

Well done.  It brought the Gospel to life.

The experience refuels your faith.

The "REAL" feeling of that time and the passion of it all.  EXCELLENT!

Having the golf carts for my disabled mom.  If it was not for the golf carts she would not have made this Journey.

I have just begun my personal journey on the road to finding GOD, so this was wonderful for me.  I loved seeing the things I've been reading about for the 1st time.  I thought it was great from start to finish.