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If you would like to help with Journey to the Cross, please fill out and submit the below form.
See the 2024 J2C Volunteer Schedule.

We would like all who are interested in an actor or guide role to watch our recent actors workshop.

Check any of the following that you have interest in helping with.
Outdoor jobs during the weekend event
Indoor jobs during the weekend event
Children 12 years and under require a parent to volunteer with. No separate registration is required for child volunteers.
Child Care
Will you be in need of child care while volunteering?
Please specify each child's first name and age that will be needing child care.
Re-order First name Age Weight Operations
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What days/nights would you be available?
Volunteering for all three nights is preferable, two nights minimum.
All volunteers for Journey to the Cross must pass a background check. Please see Volunteer Screening for more information. Visit NCSRisk to complete the Volunteer Screening process (ages 18 and over).